Generic ReBoot Post!

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Wow has it been a while since I posted on here.

Funny story though, this link still goes out with all of my emails from my email address, so it seems I actually had a slew of visitors right along the time the new residency class came through.

What? What's that? A resident, yes, it's true. And finishing even. What a sordid story to tell. Or, wait, sordid? I don't think that's what I meant. How about... fantabulous! Yes, that's closer. I'm nearly done with residency, and truthfully it did not seem to be as bad as everyone touted it up to be. Though, hey, looks like my hindsight wears rose-tinted glasses. And I'm mixing metaphors!

This is fantabulous.

Anyways, more posts incoming I suspect. I will try to do this again.


And it popped up on my RSS reader!

So what's going to happen post-residency then? More comics? New location?


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Hello! I didn't think I'd get a response this quickly! Amazing!

Actually, the plan is to stay in Pittsburgh - I've got a nice Emergency Dept job lined up right here in the heart of the city. Not the same place I'm training at, but an affiliated hospital (and wow was the decision on hospital a tough one - there were lots of decent jobs in the area once I started looking around).

As for more comics, I'd like to say yes! But at the very least I can say more blog posts, and hopefully I can throw my hat back into the comic ring.


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