Is This Really a Popular Thing?

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After being introduced to it by a friend, I did some looking into the matter. Medical blogging is big! I mean, not Super Mario Bros big. But quite a bit more than I expected.

I'd never even thought of it before. I've seen some crazy patients, experienced some of the weird and uncomfortable happenstances of the hospital. But so have all my coworkers, classmates, and hospital acquaintances of the last four to five years. I suppose I just took it for granted.

J (friend): Have you seen Doctor Grumpy's blog?
DD: *reading* Ah! This guy's entertaining. But I've seen things like this myself, even in my very short, very brief stint as a physician and medstudent.
J: These are the stories I've been asking for!
DD: Huh? Really? But... I work in the ED. We have a huge percentage of... less than intelligent... patients.
J: Then why don't you tell me these stories!
DD: ... I... don't know?

Anyways. It seems an interesting idea, if I could just sit and work through the execution. And distance my name from the writings, I assume.


You should definitely do it!

You should definitely do it! Just make a new anonymous blog for it.

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